Kenzo Eye Print Nail Art

Kenzo Eye Print Manicure

So here's what I've been up to. Painstakingly polishing my nails with the most talked about print of Fall 2013. The Kenzo Eye Print.

I used Essie Absolutely Shore as the base, NYC French White Tip and Milani Black Magic for the eye (done with a nail art fine brush). All it takes is a steady hand.

1. Start with your base. It will need to be white or near white because it's going to become the whites of the eye.

2. Paint a curved line across the middle of your nail. Don't forget to paint it with the nails facing you so it's not upside down.

3. Paint two angled lines that meet (really they should almost meet) from the corners of the curved line to complete the eye.

4. Use a dotter or pen or bobby pin to create the pupil. Make a large black dot that connects at the top (the curved line) but does not connect to the bottom.

5. Finally... use a fine dotter with white polish to create a tiny dot inside the black dot (the pupil) in the top left corner. This creates the "sparkle" in your eye.

6. Pro move - add a final fine line just above your curved line that angles up just slightly.

Let me know if you try it. I'd love to see your pictures of your nail art!


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