DIY Balmain / Motel Striped Jeans

DIY Balmain / Motel Rocks Jordan Striped Jeans

I'm jail breaking jail stripe pants.

This DIY is a super simple way to get the beetlejuice look. If I can do it, anyone can.


Old Navy white jeans, the boyz to men ones, yes.  I got rock star skinny.

Tulip fabric paint, from Michael's.

A fabric paint marker, for the hard to reach spots.

A sponge paint brush, I switched to a regular paint brush at about the second stripe.


Masking tape, I used a thick 1.5 inch width so it was more a lookalike for the luxury versions like Balmain.


Tape the jeans. I made sure that I had black in the inner seam and black on the outer seams because it's more slimming. Also, be sure to extend the tape beyond the waist and the bottom hem and wrap it around on the inside so you can really seal the tops/bottoms.

I used one piece of tape to go from the fly, under the inseam and back up the rear seam so it would be more seamless.

Make sure that the lines are relatively lined up on the front and back of the pants.

You'll need to decide how you want to outline the zipper / fly.  I decided to mimic the fly on the Balmain pants to the best of my ability.

Paint and Peel:

Make sure you put something inside the jeans to keep the dye from seeping through to the opposite side.  I put another pair of old black jeans inside my white jeans.

I applied the paint to the brush and it went on really smoothly.

You'll want to be really sure that you've applied your tape as neatly as possible and smoothed out any lumps to avoid the paint from seeping under the tape.

Apply at least 2 coats, maybe 3. I alternated each side between coats allowing about 20 minutes on each side for it to be reasonably dry before flipping them over and applying more coats to the opposite side.

Don't forget to paint inside the belt loops and also on the edges.  Stretch the seams so that you can get into the crevices.

Allow about 3 hours for them to dry completely.


When you put the jeans on you'll notice some spots you need to thicken up. The stretch in these jeans will expose any thin spots, you can touch them up immediately if you would like or touch them up before you wash them.

*Don't forget to iron the hell out of them to seal the color before you wash them, and also wash them inside-out to prevent fading.
A super informal pic I took so you could see the end result, of course I went back an applied a fourth coat to clean up some of the lighter spots.


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