Tracy Reese - Sally Hansen Manicure NYFW Copycat

Inspired by Tracylee for Sally Hansen - Tracy Reese Fall 2013 at New York Fashion Week

This manicure was very well received by those who witnessed Tracy Reese's fall / winter 2013 at NYFW. I loved the look.  It was created with a coat of the yet to be released Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters (a gold toned glitter polish) and a center coat of New Wave Blue (a deep teal).

I recreated it with Milani 3D Gold and Sinful Love Nails (I probably would've had a better match with Essie Go Overboard, mine is admittedly brighter).  Simply apply a good coat of your gold glitter polish and then using the brush to carefully created the cuticle curve, brush toward the tip being careful to leave a clean edge so the glitter lacquer creates a border on each side. Simple lookalike New York Fashion Week mani on the fly.

Photo Credit: BeautybyBenz


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