Beyonce's Super Bowl Press Conference - I Have Questions

Beyonce belted out a superb rendition of the star spangled banner for the people assembled at her press conference today. The topic was the Super Bowl in New Orleans but it started with a performance. She was prepared to answer her critics by proving she was perfectly capable of singing the anthem and even ended the stunt by girlishly giggling in her patented "woman child" way by asking "any questions?"
Well yes Beyonce. I have questions.
What are you trying to prove?
The circumstances and environment for your little stunt today weren't remotely close to the circumstances and environment at the inauguration. The millions watching, outdoor arena, temperature, historical moment. So what if you can sing? Did you sing when it counted? Did you show up?
We'll never know how great you might've been. You'll never know how great you could've been. You robbed yourself of your moment. Nothing short of gathering millions in 40 degree temps, with heads of state looking on would work to prove what might have been. A gaggle of press gathered in a ballroom is a far cry from that. Perhaps Hillary will give you a chance to redeem yourself in 2017.
Is this a do-over?
Did you want a second chance? I'll use a football analogy since that was the premise of the press conference. I'm sure Tom Brady wants a do-over too. You don't get to make your own set of rules, win or lose. Champions don't brag about the passes completed during practice scrimmages, 3 pointers hit in practice, landings stuck at the gym. It's what you do when it counts -  hence the phrase 4th quarter Jordan.
Who are your people?
Is Kanye your PR rep now? Who decided smug would be an appropriate response? Did they tell you to go out and smile in a vag skimming mini and everyone would be so enamored and impressed we would forget and forgive the fact that you half-assed, no not even,  no-asssed your performance at the inaugural ceremony? 
What's my problem?
Nothing has to be real anymore, fake is the new real. Authenticity is not required. We live in a instagram filtered world telling ourselves art is a half empty vanilla latte in "Nashville" or poorly applied nail lacquer. There was a time when you had to DO something. Not virtually, but really. You couldn't call yourself a writer unless you were a writer (bloggers), or a designer unless you designed something (not some regurgitation of someone elses stuff), or an influencer unless you actually influenced someone. In short, do better.


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