Enough Already

I haven't posted in a while, but I had some things on my mind... I though you might miss that.

I stopped posting because blogging is basically a circle jerk. I know how to play the game, but it feels so sleazy. Leveraging relationships so that you can be anointed by whoever.com as one of the cool kids. Stop pushing me links to your "friends" blog! It's nothing special and you lose your integrity.

Also, the same way going to expensive hard to get into restaurants doesn't make you a foodie, being able to buy expensive clothes, or mom and dad buying you expensive clothes, or buying expensive clothes and returning them, or buying expensive clothes while you live in your parent's house, or simply "receiving gifts" doesn't make you a style expert. These are just facts people.

Buy what you like, do what you want. Be yourself.

Bryanboy is going to be on ANTM with Tyra and Kelly Cutrone. Which is awkward. He's like a mini Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to inappropriate comments pointed toward girls to undermine self esteem and negative body images. At least Karl has a resume.

Gwyneth posted a tweet w/ the N-word, cleverly disguised with asterisks.  Black people in Paris! So fun! Must instagram and post to GOOP.

If see another tweet about brunch I might explode! It's like people just discovered a previous unknown phenomenon. It's a meal between breakfast and lunch people. Same with bacon and nail art.


  1. Lol, I totally agree especially about blogging.

  2. refreshing, honesty! Keep at it, you rule!



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