Jason Wu For Target - A Word of Warning (online only items)

Jason Wu For Target - A Word of Warning

It never fails, every collaboration there are scores of newbies that don't understand the rules. I was hesitant to post his, because, to the victor belong the spoils, the early bird gets the worm, proper preparation prevents poor performance, etc. etc.

But... to prevent a ton of brokenhearted people tomorrow, and to prevent a ton of "added" confusion - PLEASE BE AWARE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE ONLINE ONLY - these items will not be in store.  I don't know what time the items will show up on the website, I doubt target knows either at this point.

  • Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse in White with Black Ribbon
  • Pleated Sleeveless Shift Dress in Navy Dots
  • Pleated Cap Sleeved Blouse in Gold
  • Cuffed Shorts in Navy
  • Woven Mini Saddle Bag
  • Woven Straw Tote
  • Blue Floral Saddle Bag
Photo Credit: target.com and @targetstyle


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