Marni for H&M - March 8, 2012 - Line up now.

Marni for H&M - March 2012

So, straight on the heels of a hugely successful, and extraordinarily organized collab with Versace I receive an email announcing Marni for H&M. I haven't taken the tags off my Ver-Say- See! I'm sure that some of my chicago fash mob haven't even thawed from the line yet.

The images are enticing, I am already seeing "must have" prints in the images they provided. And watch out, this collection may not be as household name as Versace, but as a veteran of these events I can tell you they are gaining in popularity amongst the "normal people", you know your co-workers that look at you like you have three heads as you plot out your list, copy and pasting your first and second choice items into a spreadsheet and or flow chart... those people. They will be out there too. They are now your competition so sharpen your elbows.

H&M promises a collection that expresses the "freedom and experimentation for which the label is renowned, with all-over prints in strong colors intended to be worn together in layers that both match and clash." Tons of prints, obvs, and tribal inspiration, oh and color blocks.  The collection will include jewelry, handbags, scarves and, wait for it... SHOES!

Drops March 8, 2012 in-store and online (limited locations in the U.S, of course)

Photo Credit: all pics via H&M

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