Gray Coat with Leather Sleeves - Inspired by Celine

Gray Coat with Leather Sleeves - Inspired by Celine
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Forever 21 is going to be in trouble for this...

This coat is seriously taking liberty with a minimalist Celine design, although many designers and retailers have shown this 2011 trend in outerwear. Contrast sleeves appeared everywhere for fall, Phillip Lim, The Row, Burberry, to name a few. Granted, the forever 21 coat is a wool blend with leatherette sleeves but it is a pretty spot on lookalike. Far more literally interpreted than the Zara knockoff.

Photo Credit: Stockholm Street Style

So I suggest you get this one soon, before its pulled from the racks. Did I get one? What do you think?  It's on sale at 40% off online here - $26.88 marked down from $44.80

Photo Credit: Mr. Newton


  1. Omg I saw that jacket and I was like, wow, that looks waay more luxe and expensive-looking to be sold at a Forever 21 store! I wish I could have bought it in stores, though...



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