Glitter Booties - Lookalike Miu Miu side knot

Glitter Booties - Lookalike Miu Miu side knot
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Ok - here's another copyright infringing items that you may want to pick up. These booties from Charlotte Russe (I know, I brave the masses so you don't have to) are a fairly blatant knockoff of the famed and also sold-out waitlist only Miu Miu booties that are the It Shoe of the fall season. I don't think Charlotte Russe is even on Ms. Prada's radar, or her attorneys for that matter but I couldn't help but stop in when I saw them in the window on State Street.

They have a platform where the originals do not, but that only serves to make them super comfortable. The glitter is appropriately chunky too although the color is a "little" off, and the heel isn't way wrong. They also come with a pink bow (although if you're a stickler for details, Miuccia didn't make that particular color in this shoe) You're not trying to fool anyone though, just paying homage to an $800 shoe that is tragically trendy, impossibly impractical in Chicago, and one that apparently no one can get their hands on anyway. Fair game.

They are currently available here - for 30% off the regular price of $42.50 (you do the math)


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