Chicago Blogger Network - CBN Tribute Party

Chicago Blogger Network - CBN Tribute Party

Wednesday night I attended the first networking for chicago blogger network at Tribute. It's tucked away inside the Essex (yep on south michigan ave.) Kelly Ryan O'Brien knows how to fete (and her dress was abfab). I finally met / saw loads of my twitter family in person, I know I would miss some if I tried to list them so I will just mention a few new friends you should check out.  thecleverclipper coralsandcognacs and ashleightimchenko

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you all to follow @Tyliner who take one of the few decent photos I have ever taken at an event.  Apparently you can vote for me as "Best Dressed" - and I would totes appreciate if you did so.  I may not have technically been best dressed, but I damn sure was the best dressed for $15!! (P.S. - I'm in H&M Snake Print wrap dress, with my Fendi Spy *it felt right*, and topshop shoes *not pictured*)- "Best in Show"???

click here and leave your comment to vote for me.

Click - Comment - VOTE!!! midwesternfront

#CBNTRIBTUEPARTY shot by @Tyliner of Darkroom Demons

As a foodie I can tell you that the hors d'oeuvres that were served up were innovative, delicious and above all it was all served efficiently and graciously. My favorite was a mini tart a a la mode which sounds hard to eat and serve at a reception but it was so well executed. Bravo to the chef, pastry chef and staff at Tribute - Now that it has been christened by 100+ of the coolest kids in chicago they've truly earned some heavy soc media cred. I encourage you to go.


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