LunarGlide+3 Launch at Akin with Tara D.

Launch of Nike’s LunarGlide+3 at Akin

I am a sucker for all things Chicago. Our flag with it’s signature baby blue and four red stars inspires me much in the way that people get misty for the American Flag and the Star Spangled Banner. (Do we have an anthem? I mean other than insert favorite Kanye song here ____)

When Kelly at Chicago Blogger Network keyed me to the Launch of Nike’s LunarGlide+3 at Akin in Lincoln Park Saturday and I got a look at the shoe, with the bold CHI on the tongue, I couldn’t resist wanting to attend and Run Chi with all the cool kids, not to mention support the work she is doing to bring all of the Chicago bloggers together with the

What is truly special about this particularly shoe is that it was designed by local artist, Tara D. and is exclusive to Chicago. Tara D. brought her mobile art gallery (it’s an art truck y’all) and also took time to talk to guests about her inspirations and also to do some impromptu art for the crowd.

DJ Markyboy, my new fave DJ keep the audience engaged as they got a chance to check out the shoes, the coordinating Nike gear, and the hors d’oeuvres and 312.

Did I mention that these shoes are ab fab? Because they are. I don’t do athletic but these are adorable. And apparently they are great for people who run too… especially.

NO BS FTC Disclosure - Because one cannot survive on stilettos and platforms alone (and because I'm blogging about it)... Nike is gifting me w/ a pair of LunarGlide+3


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