Ikram Opens the Red Box - Chicago River North

Ikram Opens the Red Box - Chicago River North

Was I there? No. What you may wonder prompts me to post about the new Ikram location at 15 E. Huron?

The cafe, of course. So if you can't exactly splurge on the designers at Ikram but you want to do a little window shopping and indulge in the experience, the menu put together by Executive Chef Christopher Sullivan may provide you with the excuse you need to visit the red box.  Word is that the cafe will only be open for lunch (although I am willing to bet it will host some rather lovely private receptions) and local sourced fresh fruits and vegetables will be utilized to serve up some serious salads. Think "trio of salad"
So if you've had your fill of Barney's Fred's, you have another gastro chic destination.

Photo Credit: popsugar


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