google+ anyone? - how to invite people to your circle (google plus)

google+ anyone? - how to invite friends to your circle

so you're on google plus now what? you need to get your fashionable friends on, that's what!

but there are no invites issued, you search the site and there is no official explanation of how to invite people to google plus.

Here's how I have done it, it has worked 10 of 10 times... it might be a loophole so... get on with it!

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1. go to your home page.

2. create a new update (the share what's new box). in the update I copied the language that was on the invite I received from Kia C "This message serves as an invite to Google+. Google throttles the signup rate, though, so it may not work at first. If not, try again later."

3. next when you go to the field below the message to put who to share the update with you delete public so the field is empty and then type in the gmail address of the person you want to invite. (don't share with public or to any of your circles)

4. send

5. the recipient will get an email with the subject line "So and so invited you to join Google+"

6. they need to click the red box that says "learn more about google+" and they will be prompted to join.
It took the people I sent it too about 8 -12 hours to get it but when they did the subject line to the email they received said invite to google plus or something like that.

Try it.


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