Missoni for Target - First Look Images

Missoni for Target - First Look Images

The pictures have leaked, intentional??? The photo shoot for the campaign features Missoni heir / granddaughter Margherita Maccapani Missoni. We get a glimpse of a 60's style shift dress that is MADE for me as well as the luggage and laptop case. A corner of the rumored bicycle...

This looks like a fairly authentic interpretation of the line for Target.  Some collections have been more watered down but it appears this is going to be stellar.  Line drops 9/13/11. (I am not going to put the "end" date on this post, because it will never be around until then)

I also can't help but to giggle at the thought of stalking the line and the Target associates getting Missoni all mixed up the Mossimo! When two worlds collide. It is going to be hysterical.

Photo Credit: tFS


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