First Look Matthew Williamson - Macy's Designer Collaboration

First Look Matthew Williamson - Macy's Designer Collaboration

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April 13th can not get here fast enough (though my wallet may beg to differ)This was worth the wait and certianly bodes well for Karl Lagerfeld's turn. In my opinion, this might have more to offer than H&M.  It is bohemian but a fresh approach that relies not so much on the 70's and more on that cool cool, jet-set, model off duty thing that Williamson does so well. It'ss urban, but in a british sort of way, which makes it ooooook.

My favorites are below, more more more after the jump....

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There is also adorable video of the shoot w/ Matthew and Dree Hemingway being adorbs here (there are also prices listed, mucho reasonable)


  1. looks great but there's no Macy's in Germany so I can't even consider buying anything of this collection

  2. like the outfit in the first picture and the jacket in the second pic.



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