Carine Roitfeld is leaving French Vogue

Carine Roitfeld is leaving French Vogue

Photo Credit: WWD

Carine is chucking up the dueces to Vogue Paris. Wasn't it just a couple of years ago blogs were burning up with the rumors that she would be taking the reins from Anna Wintour?

While Carine never achieved the visibility of Anna at French Vogue she left her mark on a variety of aspects at the magazine including increasing ad sales and circulation as well as styling shoots.

She will be missed, and for the record, I still want to be a Roitfeld.

Via Huffington Post: French Vogue writes (and we translated): "Under her leadership, Vogue Paris became a worldwide reference and a can't-miss magazine. Carine Roitfeld gave the magazine a new dimension, with an audacious attitude in collaboration with the biggest photographers in the world."


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