William Rast for Target - First Look

William Rast for Target - First Look
Don't Forget Justin Timberlake. While he's a celebrity that traded in on his disney, then boy band name, Mr. Timberlake takes his craft very seriously when it comes to his fashion line (and he's becoming one hell of an actor too). The Target William Rast collection launches December 19 and we are finally getting some leaked images as well as the campaign picture.

I am always torn when it comes to denim and leather, while on one hand this diffusion line is totally wearable and probably tons more practical than my previous foray's with Lanvin and Posen and Jimmy Choo, this feels slightly...ordinary. (and is it just me or do his clothes have Cameron Diaz written all over them, just saying)

But, you know I'll be there. I'm somewhat intrigued by the leather shorts. One question - how many more SOMEBODY for Target leather motorcycle jackets are they going to do? Seriously? It's Bohemian Biker.

Pictures via tFS


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