Latest Mini Makeup Haul - ELF Essential Makeup Collection

Latest Mini Makeup Haul
I grabbed up the eyes, lips, face (ELF) Essential Makeup Collection at Target for $20!! Take a look at my latest haul video, I don't do swatches or anything, there are 64 eyeshadow palettes for god's sake, but it gives you an idea of what an bananas amount of stuff you get for only $20.

I posted it on youtube as well. I am not turning into a makeup guru, as if there was any chance of that but I thought you'd enjoy seeing a non-fashion purchase.

83 Pc Essential Includes:

-64 eyeshadow shades, 8 lip gloss shades, 4 blush shades, 4 bronzer shades, 1 lip brush, 1 eye brush, 1 face brush


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