Lanvin for H&M Launch Day - Michigan Ave. Store Chicago

Lanvin for H&M Launch Day - Michigan Ave. Store Chicago

The youtube haul video for Lanvin H&M is forthcoming... I'm sure you guessed that.

For now I won't say what I ended up with, I will just tell you the following tidbits about an extraodinary day and fantastic collection.

I paid someone to stand online for myself and @eyeadorepretty - shout out to her for shooting the video for me. Check out her beauty blog

I was honored to be asked for a photo op from THE streetstyle blog in Chicago - Amy at

I ran into the sweetest blogger ever - @CurlyintheCity seriously you guys, she was such a pleasure to stand in line next to her. Check out her blog curlyinthecity

It was waaaaay more organized than jimmy choo, think stopwatches and microphones, and the clothes were in what i would term a play pen, or maybe bull pen.

The faux fur was flying (looked much better in real life than it did in the lookbook, the yellow one shoulder, the black one shoulder and the red necklaces. I would say both pinks and the exaggerated shoulder assymetrical  black dress were next in terms of popularity.

The shoes looked well made.

Ok, more to come, a haul video and maybe a motion editorial, Anna Dello Russo Style!


  1. That scarf is awesome! Check out my photos from Saturdays launch....



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