Haul Video!! Lanvin for H&M modeling pics and video

Haul Video!! Lanvin for H&M modeling pics and video

I put together a youtube haul, this one was fun, I'm going to do some outtakes for you. No seriously.

Haul Vlog

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I hate those lookbook images of the collection, and while I love the collection launch video I WANT LANVIN NOT DIAMONDS!!! LANVIN HEARTS H&M!! I thought you might want to see what the one shoulder pink dress looks like on a real person.

I also share some tips for those of you who have decided to turn to Ebay for some of the coveted dresses or shoes.

Oh, Yes! I got the Leopard Print Lanvin Shoes too. Was there any doubt those would be on my list?



  1. OMG, that dress is amazing! I am in KCMO area and don't have an H&M. :( Very sad. I am a sucker for good marketing and extra touches, and that garment bag is amazing all on it's own!

    New here - look forward to reading more!

    MeggyD from www.ChasingDavies.blogspot.com



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