Forever 21 & Disney - Minnie Mouse meet Minnie Muse

Forever 21 Turns Minnie Mouse into a Hood Rat

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Leave it to the design co-opters at Forever 21 to take a charming cartoon mouse and adulterate her image into something of ... well a knock-off. A younger, cheaper imitation.

The folks at Disney partnered with Forever 21 to market a new line of apparel - Minnie Muse. The limited edition collection includes 41 looks under $30. This modernized version of Minnie is the creative work of Disney Artist John Quinn. First Mean Girls 2 and now THIS?

And why in RAYON HELL is she so damn skinny? And Where the hell are her pants?


  1. she is beautiful.. its like a chic version of minnie for stylish people my age. i loved it. oh, and btw, you cant see her pants because shes wearing a dress...



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