3 i-D covers, 2 Supers and a Gaga

3 i-D covers, 2 Supers and a Gaga

This really was the best outcome of the much discussed i-D cover ruckus. You know the one where famed accomplished super models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell refused to share the September issue cover with flash in the pan Lady Gaga? Yeah ok so...

Adoring Kate's hair and loving Naomi's over the shoulder pose and well since Gaga gets little to no play on my blog I'll just say she's being, well.... Gaga.

What do you think of the "separate but equal" covers?

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com


  1. I didn't hear any of the drama behind this, so I'm very amused right now! All three covers are fantastic, especially Naomi's.



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