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Cleveland fans aren't the only hearts Lebron James is breaking, apparently... According to The Cut, Ryan Reynold may or may not have been bumped from the GQ September issue for LebronGQ says the cover has been in the works for sometime. But was it for September?

You really learn where you stand when it comes time to book September issue covers.  Who is in? Who is out? I'm befuddled, because this is sooo 00's.

This is the latest list...

Cosmopolitan — Jessica Alba

British Cosmopolitan — Cat Deely

Details — Zac Effron

Elle — Julia Roberts

GQLeBron James

Harper's Bazaar — Jennifer Aniston

British Harper's Bazaar — Gisele

InStyle — Hilary Swank

British InStyle — Nicole Richie

Interview — Blake Lively

Vanity Fair — Lady Gaga

T — Freida Pinto, making her solo cover debut on an American fashion magazine.

Town & Country — Tory Burch

Vogue — Halle Berry


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