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YouTube Fashion Gurus: The Best Style Channels To Check Out Now!

I've read loads of these types of posts on tons of blogs, and  they usually begin with some sort of apology for "tooting" one's own horn...

That stops here. Guru? I'm not so sure. Totally honored, shocked and excited? Yes. Shy about self promotion? Are you kidding, I'm shameless.

@CourtCaruso tweeted the link to me today to alert me to the post, so I clicked, expecting it to just be YouTube gurus that she was suggesting I sub.

Intrigued, I scrolled further and saw Anna Saccone of The Style Diet, the infamous William Heggs (hey b*tches!), the DIY bible - Threadbanger, Stylist and author Dawn Delrusso, the formidable blogger Bryan Boy, Jessica Schroeder of Confashional & Fashionista509 both seasoned fashion haulers.

And then this, last but not least.

If loving me is wrong, I don't want to be right. It's a wonderful feeling the day you find out you haven't been talking to yourself this whole time, that someone is listening, reading, watching. I am hoping there's some YouTube"INATI" I get to be initiated into or something.

Thank you to Chelsea Blazer and to the team at StyleCaster (particularly the one who was asleep at the wheel when they decided to add me to the feature!)



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