Haul Vlog - H&M Fashion Against Aids plus extras

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As promised, fashion haul 1.0 it includes the FAA collection, my beloved orange sequined jacket shown here--- OOTD POST and extra's I picked up. I really hope you enjoy it, and more importantly, I hope you Subscribe because I have some vlogs "in the can" that I am waiting to put up once I see how well this one is received. 

I will still post outfit pics on the blog, but the MIDWESTERNFRONT YOUTUBE CHANNEL is going to be an important component because it will include the more interesting stuff behind the scenes, etc.

I will also be announcing a contest in the next few days to reward those that follow either the blog through RSS subsciption or bloglovin' and those who subscribe to my channel on youtube and I will do a MAJOR giveaway to one lucky person who performs a "hat trick" subscribing to both the blog and youtube + follows on twitter.  Both will be available to my current subscribers too so don't worry, The winners will be chosen randomly. More details in the next couple of days (cause I need to figure out how to run a giveaway).  I'll give you one hint, think designer diffusion ;)

I hope you enjoy the video!


  1. Wonderful! I enjoyed how detailed you were about the garments. You sounded very knowledgeable!

    Chandra (@ShiftC)



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