fck Anna - fck Vogue T-shirt courtesy of Leon Verres

fck Anna - fck Vogue T-shirt courtesy of Leon Verres

I report. You decide.

I got my first negative comment on my blog yesterday. It made me laugh, I got a kick out of it.  It went like this "Loose weight. U R so fat"

Irony aside, I took to twitter to respond "Yeah? Are you telling me to LOSE weight, or are you saying its "on the run?"
P.S - you know you're exceptionally pretty when all people can pick on is your weight. Ha!

These things don't bother me. I know who I am and I am too old to care what some anonymous commenter thinks.  I imagine Anna Wintour thinks similarly of this T-shirt. I imagine Anna will buy one and wear it in a moment of self deprecating humor, much in the same way I would. It reads:


What are your thoughts? I think its kind of flattering.

Photo via: huffingtonpost

via - Verres Press Release
"Anna Wintour and her Vogue have been taken the fashionistas for fools for many years. She presents perfectly styled Hollywood stars in luxurious outfits and declares that to be the new trend. Besides that I do not know anyone with common sense who considers such extravagantly styled fashion-zombies attractive, with its costly produced pseudo trends the Vogue only attends on an elitist minority of the fashion world, which is out of touch with reality and dieing out. To sum it up. The American Vogue has become obsolete as style authority long ago! The time has come for Anna Wintour to accept this and to let the true critics do their work. The true fashionistas on this planet - this means the 99% of the fashion consumers who do not read the Vogue - prefer to support the army of fashion bloggers, which focuses on what real people in real life wear on the streets instead of showing over-stylized fashion photo series with extremely thin models.

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Fashion bloggers are the new kings of the world of fashion and I am one of their biggest supporters. It gives me a good feeling to know that I - as one of the very small number of designers who are independent of industry and media - am able to afford to have the Stalin on stilettos as an enemy."

Check the full frontal assault press release HERE


  1. you got my attention with that darn headline! It startled me...hilarious. nice post. fashion bloggers rock. the t-shirt: interesting.

  2. Four words: I LOVE THE SHIRT!

    Four words: I LOVE LEON VERRES!

    Four words: I HATE ANNA WINTOUR!


  3. I WANT THE T-SHIRT! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEON VERRES ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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