Fashion Haul - H&M / Forever 21

Fashion Haul - H&M / Forever 21

To answer your question, yes. I do go buy inexpensive clothing every weekend. More often if possible. I used to be a magazine addict and designer handbag fiend. Now I do this. It's like a game. Showcase Showdown. A challenge of sorts. It's fun, and a great distraction so...

Awesome J Brand - Balmain ish cargo pants from H&M, an embellished army green tee from Forever 21, black slim leg pants from H&M (a work staple) and a u-neck tube dress from Forever 21 that was LESS than $8!

I am as tired of asking you this as you are of being asked. SUBSCRIBE!!! or you fail at life. ok that was an exaggeration but it'd be nice. I have that Zac Posen for Target Zip Tape Dress just laying around waiting for the next giveaway and I'm started to be tempted to keep it for myself! Help me out.


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