Copper Sequin Jacket - H&M FAA

Copper / Orange Sequin Jacket - H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection

Friday near dusk. Decided to take pictures of what I was wearing out. My coveted highly sought after jacket, along with a pair of ivory H&M harem trousers and tI wore the knit tank top from the FAA collection. Zara wedges. I posted more pictures after the jump.

I'm still not ready for sandals. In Chicago you are always looking over your shoulders waiting for mother nature to pull the rug out from under you. The weekend was phenomenal, so I will be doing a haul vlog featuring other items from the collection, a shoe fashion haul, and a vid about essential summer hair accessories, to keep your locks tame during the summer months.

more more more after the jump


  1. whoa - love it so much. I would wear this outfit a lot.



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