American Apparel - Answers Back on African American Hair Gate

American Apparel - Answers Back on "African American Hair Gate"

Dov Charney
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Am I wrong in thinking that most people know that there are a lot of subjects one can touch when it come to race relations, but hair is sort of the third rail.  Apparently Dov Charney and those at the top levels of management and COUGH: HR at American Apparel didn't get that memo.

I am talking about this story"American Apparel Doesn’t Want ‘Trashy’ Black Girls With Straight Hair" I first read on

I responded to it a lot on twitter, but I will spare you my timeline transcripts.

Well now they have released a statement speaking to all the millions of white, black, latin, asian and human faces they insulted with their hiring / grooming guidelines.

The Best News?? You can call Mr. Dov Charney and express your feelings on the issue.

"American Apparel has built itself on being open and honest, so we're happy to answer questions and personally address the concerns of anyone interested in having a dialog. You can reach our CEO directly at 213-923-7943 or at"


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