Agyness Deyn and Bestie Fiona have entered the Blogging Business

Agyness Deyn and Bestie Fiona Byrne have entered the Blogging Business, and they seem to be pretty dedicated to the project. The name is a combination of letters of their names.

They share some lifestyle stuff and extole the beauty of Gap Easy Straight jeans that are only $69.50 and look quite cozy I might try them myself.

Seems as though Fiona is posting the most right now, but there is a post about headbands on the site credited to Stephanie Trong the former executive editor of the magazine Jane, now defunct.

Good Luck, Ladies, the blogging world is ruthless in a Thunder Dome kind of way.

Link Love: thecut


My bestie @nycfiona and I started a website! It's called! And it's live! You can follow us @naagofficial ....Smiles with teeth!!!!!


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