Thierry Mugler - On Why He Quit Fashion

Thierry Mugler - On Why He Quit Fashion

"The reason I quit fashion was that I had had enough of spending my time always being on my knees, making other people look amazing and fabulous," -Thierry Mugler (via NY Times)

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I find this quote fascinating. As a person who spends her life planning fabulous parties for others I can feel his desire to focus on something else for a while. My moment occured on my 30th birthday, it landed on a Saturday and I had a wedding that evening. It was one of the nastiest brides I have ever had the displeasure to work with. I never mentioned to her that her wedding was on my birthday, not until I was saying goodnight. She never even thanked me for all the work I put in to make her event special and memorable let alone say "oh happy birthday". It was at that moment I thought to myself "what am I doing here?" I have been transitioning ever since.


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