Met Ball 2010 Altitude or Drekitude?

Met Ball 2010 Altitude or Drekitude?
You decide!

**update - Lady Gaga skipped the red carpet leaing tons of photogs feeling dejected. Doesn't really matter here as Gaga gets no play on my blog.

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs - one of my favorite looks from an otherwise dull red carpet

via @NRichieNews

Katy Perry lit up the red carpet - she had lights on her dress. Definitely different. At least she dared.

Rachel Roy dressed Liya Kebede in a jumper. Imaginitive, love.

via hilsays

more more more after the break...

Hostess - Anna Wintour in Chanel

She looks exuberant, perhaps the hair color, the lip?

via @MrJayManuel

Oprah in and with ODLR

via @MrJayManuel

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Vuitton

via nymag

Sienna Miller in Pucci - Hey Jude
via @MrJayManuel

Sara Jessica Parker in Pleats - Halston

via @MrJayManuel
Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

via @nikicolecole

Emma Watson in Burberry

via @MrJayManuel

Naomi Campbell in D&G


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