KIN - The Dead Weather Pop-Up show - Marquardt Trucking Company, Chicago

If you follow me on twitter you know that there was a pop-up free concert featuring The Dead Weather Saturday May 22 in conjunction w/ the promotion of the new KIN / Microsoft / Verizon phone (pics after the jump). Kin has set up pop-up concerts in NY and San Fran with artists such as Passion Pit, the Ting Tings and N.E.R.D. The last city on the list is ATL. The phones are super stylish and designed specifically with social networking in mind.

How many of you were able to go? The place was an absolute mob scene but it appeared to be organized chaos The way that it was announced, slowly leaked over social media w/ the location and time being announced at 4pm the "day of" left no room for error. I ended up missing the press preview due to the day job but I was able to head to the west loop to Marquardt Trucking Company to check things out. Based on what I heard people arrived as early as 4ish standing near the unremarkable alley / dock. The show didn't begin until 9pm but most seemed not to mind the wait and those who weren't lucky enough to make it in were happy to listen from the garage door on the alley.

The official video courtesy of KIN

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