First Vlog Haul - Zac Posen for Target

First Vlog Haul - Zac Posen for Target

I told you that I would be Haul Vlogging. I even added a link (up top). I shot the video. I had a cold. I edited the video. And to be honest the process took forever and it is still oh so short of perfection. But such is life. I thought should I still post it? Is it still relevant? But at the end of the day, I'd rather be late than a liar, no?

Fashion hauling or haul vlogs normally contain a teenage girl, in her bedroom showing off all of the items she's recently purchased, sometimes clothing, sometimes makeup. There are many women getting into this trend as well, mommy bloggers in particular. I produced a modified format, sort of a Shop out Loud approach so that you could join me in-store to see detailed views and fitting room footage as a tutorial of sorts so that you could see the pro's and con's of each item and make an informed decision on what you purchase. Kind of Brils right? I hate shopping alone and you like to hang off my every word right?

The video features the major highlights of the Zac Posen for Target collection, the snap tape items, the brocade bow dress (I mispoke in the video and said jacquard - faux pas), the red leather moto jacket, the infamous Ruffle 2 For dress, etc. Some of the items are still available, some you're going to have to win on ebay.

I plan to do this often for random excursions to Zara, Forever 21, etc. so subscribe to midwesternfront youtube channel


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