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Buy Now - Quick Fix

Ever want to try a trend but you know it's going to get so lame so fast everyone from tot to teen will be wearing it? Well military is one of those trends. It is cyclical, easy to reproduce, surplus anyone? And to top it off it is pretty much universally flattering on everyone. When Balmain sends it down the runway even the crtitics end up copying a little...

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So before army of one becomes army of none I am going to grab these cargo pants that pointed out on her blog.  They are from J. Crew  (I NEVER shop there so it's a good thing I follow her on twitter) and they will only set me back $39.99.

The key to these is to let them speak for themselves, don't go overboard, one military influence at a time and don't be too literal ok?  Glam up the top and wear some heels or platforms.


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