Zac Posen for Target - in store photos

Zac Posen for Target - in store photos

Quick recap, I went to Target last night to make some returns (partially to fund my posen adventure, I won't lie) and what do I find? That's right, the collection out 1 day early at Orland Park.  That store is a sleeper when it comes to Target collabs, NO ONE goes there.  The selection was somewhat limited and it did loo like a saavy ebayer had been in the store but I was able to try on the convertible ruffle dress in blue / black and the brocade floral dress.  I couldn't make up my mind so I had Mattie hold them until today figuring now that I had a back-up plan I would try South Loop in the morning.  Plus now I knew exactly what size I needed, I still wanted to the the Tuxedo and I had my heart set on red.

Got up this morning and dragged iadorepretty to South Loop and as I suspected they had a much larger selection.  There were only about 20 die hards in line and none were our size so we had a great selection. I shot video for my haul vlog, now I just need to figure out how to edit. I will take some mod shots in the next day or so because I know you are dying right?! I will get pics up soon I have no occasion in mind to wear said dresses but we'll have fun taking pics.

P.S. - the poor sales girl had no help getting the collection out.  I watched all of her co-workers stand by and look at us like we were vultures and they left the girl to put out the entire collection. By the time the signs were up, a lot of the items were gone!

Nothing like designer shopping with a cart!

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