I am looking for a headdress - Headmistress

I am looking for a headdress - Headmistress

A couple of weeks ago I put out an APB for a headdress. I didn't receive any responses, and truthfully I think a few people may have unfollowed me. Well whatever your opinion is I am always looking for options that will help me hide a bad hair day or act as a statement piece, turban, headdress, scarves, headbands. Everything but hats for some strange reason. I've been told I look good in hats, but I digress.

I was looking at Rumi's blog (ok, you got me, I check it out once a week) and lo and behold, my coveted headdress, with a link to HEADMISTRESS and they are "only" $55.00. It's in the name "head dress" a dress for your head.

It is the logical evolution of the feather headband right?

Off you go!

Photo Credit: Headmistress @headmistress


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