H&M Garden Collection - Today I'm Wearing

H&M Garden Collection - Today I'm Wearing

If you're following me, and you should be, you know I previously blogged about the earth-friendly H&M Garden Collection here.

I managed to procure the red rosette jacket from the H&M garden collection! This was more difficult than I anticipated. I originally was going to try for the red rosette dress, the strapless one, then I became enamoured with the the kimono dress. I decided to wait for the Zac Posen for Target red strapless but to satiate my need for red roses went with the jacket. It has strong shoulders and can be dressed down. I get waaaay more bang for the buck from this than I would from the dress.

I picked up the tube dress in nude /blush also, pics of that one are forthcoming. The tube dress has the rose sleeves but the color is more difficult to capture in photos.

Here a mod pics of the jacket. It was perfect for today.


  1. Hi. What size is your rosette jacket? I'm trying to procure my own but vis-a-vis a friend so I've been surfing around the internet for someone close to my figure. Can you please let me know asap?? Thanks love!

    well after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs

  2. The Queen of Hearts - My jacket is an 8 / 38



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