Spring Forward - Rodarte Blue Swiss Dot

Spring Forward - Rodarte Blue Swiss Dot

When you're in Chicago you spend a lot of time hunting down dresses, shoes and transition jackets and then tucking them away in hopes of a day when the weather will permit you to wear something sweet. At least we do have a true appreciation for a 60 degree day and a modest dose of sunshine. I took these right before the sunset.

I love the bodice on this dress and the color is perfection, absolutely. I wore it with my tan (nude for me) louboutins. Apparently we will have a half day of nice weather tomorrow before the weather tanks for the weekend. Just as well, I won't be prepared to put away my fall / winter favorites until May. At the soonest.

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  1. Love the dress! So feminine. And of course I love the Louboutins. I mean, who doesn't?!

  2. Such a delightful look. Love the color



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