Simon Doonan - Sounds off on Tween Fashion Bloggers

Simon Doonan - Sounds off on Tween Fashion Bloggers

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"I loved Thom Browne, especially the groovy new eyewear, but the shows this season were full of teen/tween bloggers. I feel like they are trying to nudge me out of my front-row seat. Luckily, I have a plan for next season. Since they are all about my height, I am going to impersonate one of them. I am going to wear a doily on my head (you know who) and tell everyone I am a teen blogger. If they ask why I am so wrinkled, I will tell them that I have progeria."

Let me preface this by saying I haven't been invited to any fashion shows (yet), I don't receive any swag, hell I don't even have any advertisers. What you say gives me the right to weigh in on the editor-journalist / blogger debate?

I am a respected professional in my chosen field, some might say both an authority and a mentor. I have worked my way through the ranks and bring to my work a wealth of life experience that illuminates in everything I do. Without that frame of reference, what do you bring to the table? Instinct.

Instinct can only take you so far. It's what professionals rely on in ADDITION to experience, instinct is informed by our frame of reference. Whatever happened to "informed" opinion?

We are obsessed with youth but to what end? And what happens when they peak too soon? And what is the incentive after all this to put in the "real" work? What message does it send to others belonging to the "entitlement" generation? We gawk, we admire, some envy but it speaks volumes about where we are as a society.

I don't have the answers, but what shocks me is how few are asking the questions.


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