@officialALT - Andre Leon Talley Joins Twitter

@officialALT - Andre Leon Talley Joins Twitter

I must have been working really hard today because somehow I missed the fashion tweet heard round the world. While I was planning decor for a major event I am directing next Monday ALT tweeted for the first time.

"At Diane von Furstenberg's looking at clothes from the last 4 years for a retrospective show in Sao Paulo, Brazil"

and this from @InsideDVF

"Fashion Emperor Andre Leon Talley is now on Twitter !!! welcome Andre ! love"

He must have been totally fed up with the imposters. His arrival also coincides with the release of the September Issue DVD and the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model. I am hoping for some very animated tweets and lots! of! exclamation! points! I checked to see who he was following, a select group of the usual suspects with @maddow thrown in for good measure. Rachel Maddow? You had me at hello Andre.

Do you think a persistent viral campaign to get Mr. Talley to follow me would be ill advised? Probably huh? Still exciting news, go follow the Emperor.


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