Off Duty

Off Duty

Translation - Interpreting London Fashion Week streetstyle.

Model off Duty Trish Goff and the wardrobe.

Photo Credit: tFS (

You didn't think I forgot? Weather has just been awful and overcast, I don't mind snow, but the rain? No. Next photo in the Fashion Week interpretation series is Trish Goff. A lot of folks complained about the famine of strettstyle during fashion month, Tommy Ton most vocally on twitter, but there are always models off duty to make rain.

To remind you the challenge is to translate fashion week street style with items from my own closet. One rule, no new purchases. I wasnt ready to trash my bleached jeans anyway and I've worn this forever 21 strong shoulder blazer almost weekly since grabbing it on Michigan Ave. OVERSIZE white toywatch. Not pictured blue suede louboutin declics.


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