Naomi Campbell - Wanted

Why won't they let Naomi be great?
Naomi Campbell is the Mike Tyson of the fashion world, in more ways than one.

This woman is a target, she attracts trouble. She has a reputation for having a temper and has pleaded guilty to assualting her employees, granted. But really?? She's a walking target for fame seekers and litigious people.

As reported by Huffington Post a man hired as her driver for the day (payday!!) told police he pulled over his Escalade after Campbell hit him from behind causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel. He said Naomi fled the scene. On another note, I wonder what kind of shoes she was wearing?

Campbell's reps say that she will cooperate with the police, when located.

Another frivolous lawsuit. This girl needs malpractice insurance.


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