Carine and Co. - French Vogue Banished by Balenciaga

Carine and Co. - French Vogue Banished by Balenciaga

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Via WWD -

"In other Balenciaga news, noticeably absent from Thursday’s front row was French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and her team. They were barred from the show. “We’re blacklisted,” Roitfeld said with a shrug at Nina Ricci later in the day. “It’s too bad, it’s a beautiful house and it’s French. I hope that it’s not forever.” She noted Balenciaga no longer advertises in the magazine or lends it clothes, but stopped short of giving any reason for the rift. “Ask them,” she offered. A Balenciaga spokesman declined comment."

Lets examine:
1. Such a public airing of differences, not all at the tight lipped, iron fist approach you would imagine being taken by her counterpart at American Vogue
2. WTH?!
3. No way would anyone Nicolas Ghesquiere included would dream of doing this to Anna Wintour.
4. Huh?
5. Perhaps a resentment spawned over French Vogue and the crew's almost cult like devotion to Balmain followed by Marant?
6. This is Vogue, not some random blog
7. Balenciaga was last spotted in an Isabeli Fontana editorial - 11/09
8. Don't they miss the revenue?
9. To be a fly on the wall when that drama dropped
10. Theories?


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