Rodarte F/W 10-11

Rodarte F/W 10-11

I loved the runway music and almost all of the neutral looks. I'm particularly fond of the embellished "long johns". It was not their best outing but the ritual showmanship of the runway, the black light and the glowing Kirkwood shoes provided highlights. Heavy, heavy on the knits and patchwork. Comme-ish heavy handed but certainly told a story.

While I admire the look, I much preferred the edginess and darkness of previous of collections F/W 2009 was ferocious. This felt a little alternate universe to me, a little like they just turned past collections inside out. I never dress this way, it’s not necessarily my aesthetic but I certainly appreciate the craftsmanship and detail the go into every garment.

#nyfw 10-11 is stuck in neutral, am I the only one noticing?

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Photo Credit: tFS


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