Marc Jacobs Collection Store - Rush Street Chicago

Marc Jacobs Collection Store - Rush Street Chicago

I had the chance to go down and check out the new Marc Jacobs Collection store last Wednesday 2/24 a day prior to the "official" opening on Thursday 2/25, thanks Reese for the heads up. I missed Sir Robert Duffy but was able to interact with their lovely marketing team and store staff. The staff was attractive, friendly and accessible.

I am happy to report that I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to get one of the limited edition Marc Jacobs Chicago knapsacks.

The store was stocked with both Marc Jacobs and MJ merchandise which surprised me, but in this economy I guess everyone is going high - low so it's a bonus. It goes without saying the store is exquisitely designed and appointed while on the small side, adding to the exclusive boutique feel (ever been in Hermes?) It does have vaulted ceilings, huge chandeliers and earth tone colors making it feel a bit more expansive. It is an excellent anchor to the "landmark looking" Elysian hotel.

tons more photos on her blog, check her out.


  1. Does this store actually sell the clothing that was on the Marc Jacobs collection runway? Like the more expensive brand, not the Marc by Marc Jacobs.



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