Furry Godmother - Barbara Martelo

Furry Godmother

Translation - interpreting Paris Couture Week streetstyle.

Barbara Martelo and the wardrobe.

Photo Credit: tFS (tommy ton)

Next photo in the Paris Fashion Week series is Barbara Martelo. To remind you the challenge is to translate fashion week street style with items from my own closet. One rule, no new purchases. I love this one because it combines to of my favorite items my jacket and my leather pants. I also love the way she wears both luxe items in a ultra casual manner. So here you have it, jimmy choo leather leggings, fur 3/4 jacket and a old weathered tee.

Up next: Carine Roitfeld. Then on to NYFW maybe?
RE: the faux fur, fur or vintage fur debate: I own both. This one is vintage (I've owned it for a while).


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