Earned Stripes

Earned Stripes

Translation - interpreting Paris Couture Week streetstyle.

Carine Roitfeld, the zebra, and the wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Tommy Ton

Up next. Carine "i wanna be" Roitfeld. I grabbed this zebra striped cardi more than a year ago when I was a stan for Balmain and fell in love with Alt's blazer. Imagine my glee when I saw Carine with her zebra trench. Its in the keep pile. This is the final photo, I think, in the Paris Fashion Week series. Unless something else turns up that inspires me.

To remind you the challenge is to translate fashion week street style with items from my own closet. One rule, no new purchases.

Next up New York Fashion Week street style. I think I will pull a Anna Dello Russo look from there, loveeeey her.


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