Zac Posen for Target - 4/25/10 - Lookbook images

The folks at Target are trying to kill me. I'm not delusional. I am addicted however.  There is just such an adrenaline rush to going out and grabbing a limited edition collaboration, albeit Target.  I used to feel this way about waitlisting for handbags. Now Target. But I like this new world.  Who knew you could get the same rush from buying something inexpensive that you can get buying a $5000 purse? Shhh don't tell anyone because its struggle enough getting there before all the ebay resellers.

I digress. Zac Posen for Target.  I'll admit I wasn't extremely excited about this collection, and fankly I am still not manic but I'm sure something will grow on me.  It does have a certain wearability that tattoo print leggings don't share.  People will be all over that red leather jacket but you know what? I'm not going there. For a woman of a certain age red leather only means one thing, Michael Jackson. Plus I know Balenciaga Motorcylce Jacket knock-offs are waaay over but I've been consistent over the years so I've earned the right to "authentically" wear one.

This collabo will hit stores 4/25. I'll get the snap tape dress for $69.99 and the two piece ruffle dress, likely in navy for $79.99.

What do you think?  Which collection will cause the most uproar?  And whose lookbook styling is best?

Courtesy of fashionista follow to see more looks.


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