Top Ten Handbags of the Decade

These are the most influential hanbag styles of the Noughties, defined by me (of course). As we know the It bag days have fallen by the wayside but we can't forget the sheer madness that ensued with the waitlists, and the obsessive collecting for some of these purses.  The IT Bag phenomenon spawned The Purse Forum  / tPF for godsake, my favorite place to unwind.

10. Rebecca Minkoff – Morning After I must include the Morning After bag. A young brand that came out of nowhere to create an amazing line of bags that fast became a favorite of young Hollywood, from Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan to realities like Lauren Conrad.

9. Goyard St. Louis - Now you may be saying hold on there, how did Goyard make it on the list? How could I leave it off, when I see a well respected and admired logo laden status bag fall into favor with the likes of celebrities and heiresses I think it deserves to make the list. For many Goyard was a "what is this?" now it is a "I want this".

8. Gucci Horsebit Hobo - This one pains me to some extent because Gucci, much like Jessica Simpson has lost its footing in some way as it has been a looooong time since I saw a Gucci bag I had to have.

7. Chloe Paddington - The decade was all about hardware and slouchy leather and few other bags personified this combination better than the Chloe Paddington. I ebayed mine a few years ago and I seriously long for it some days.

6. Louis Vuitton Speedy - This falls into the category of handbags that are classic, approachable and affordable. Bags went to the crook of the arm and this doctor bag was the perfect fit. Don't forget the Murakami, Cerises, Sprouse. Mine had the perfect patina. You can have the monogram forever and it will only run you about $600. *le sigh*

5. THE Hermes Birkin - This bag is the classic statement bag and has been around for decades but thanks to Sex and the City, Jay Z, and Oprah's Aha moment this bag and brand became a household name. Why so low on the list, let’s face it, this bag is a little out of reach for most.

4. YSL Muse - Yves St. Laurent has no trouble kicking out an iconic bag every few seasons but the Muse was by far the hit of the decade for this venerable fashion house.

3. Fendi Spy - Where do I begin? The bubbly leather, the hidden compartments, this bag was truly groundbreaking and finds itself teetering from the crook of my arm once in a while till this day.

2. Chanel Quilted Jumbo - This bag goes along with the resurgence of vintage that was everywhere during the past decade, a classic shape with "in your face" dimensions and logo. I go to this bag almost daily.

1. Balenciaga Motorcyle - You had to have one of these and a lot of you still do, this was a fave of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Nicole Richie (to name a few) and is still a staple in model off duty style.

What say you?  Did I get it right, Did I leave anything off?


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